We, the Students of the batch 2013- 2015 from FIIB were part of a wonderful trip to Dubai from 24th November to 28th November. We were accompanied by Prof Jones Mathew who became our mentor and guide throughout the trip.
We enjoyed to the fullest and the five day trip turned out to be a journey which we are going to cherish for a lifetime! Here are a few highlights from the amazing trip:
DAY #1: 24th November 2013
Although we were a bit exhausted from the long flight, we were thrilled and excited at the same time. By the time we reached Hotel Dubai Grand, it was almost 3pm. We were warmly welcomed by the Hotel management with glasses of juices at the reception followed by a sumptuous lunch.
After the scrumptious meal, we were allotted our rooms where we could relax for a while.
At 7 pm we were called to the reception from where we were escorted to the Dhow cruise for a little outing and also dinner on a small boat. It was indeed an amazing experience. We were welcomed to the wonderful city of Dubai with a traditional dance on the boat. After the traditional dance everyone jumped onto the dance floor and danced their way to glory. This was full of fun and this meant that our first day was definitely a fantastic start. At midnight, we wrapped up and reached back the hotel, where everyone had a good night’s sleep.
DAY #2: 25th November 2013
The next day in the desert City began a bit early. All of us gathered at the Hotel Reception at 8 am. Then, we were taken on a bus ride to have a fascinating overview of the city. We managed to cover many places through the day-
We were taken to see the king’s palace which is an amazing place to behold. The next spot was Jumeirah Beach, which is known for its clean waters. It is a white sand beach stretching along the south coast of the city. The astounding view of the skyscrapers on one side and the vast never ending sea view on the other side of the beach were just wonderful.
We then visited Hotel Atlantis, where we managed to click a few fantastic pictures. We visited then Dhow cruise once again on our way back to the hotel and got a different experience of the same place in the daylight.
The afternoon after lunch was full of surprises! We went for a desert safari seated in big SUV cars (The SUVs also performed stunts in the desert). The experience was literally breath taking. We kept on praying throughout the outing while a sense of excitement gripped us simultaneously.
After this expedition, the big SUVs dropped us at a venue where we could sight world class belly dancing and enjoy tasty dinner at the same time

DAY #3: 26th November 2013
At 1pm in the afternoon, we visited Danube, a building material company. After a brief introduction by the company’s executive, we were allowed to survey the area and click pictures of the showroom. Once we were done with the pictures and interviewing the executives, we were taken to a Danube showroom in the IKEA Mall.
The Rainbow hotel was our next destination where we had our food. A few students went to see the tallest tower of the world “Burj Khalifa” after the meal and the rest were taken back to the hotel.

DAY #4: 27th November2013
This day had to start very early in the morning. We got up at 5 am and after a heavy breakfast we left for RAK ceramics at 7 am. We reached their office at 9 am. After a brief session, we were taken to the factory of RAK ceramics where we were shown a few amazing new inventions in the tile industry.
Now the time was limited we were raring to come back to our motherland. In the evening the first group left for India. Those of us who had stayed went back to our rooms to enjoy the last night in this amazing city of Dubai.
DAY #5: 28th November 2013
After a long and fun filled sleepless ‘last’ night, all of us got up late. We hastily packed our bags and checked out of the hotel before 12pm.
But our flight was only at 11:55 pm at night, which gave us sufficient time to shop and go for more sightseeing. I personally purchased a few good perfumes for my family and also good watch for myself. Chocolates were sold at a less price in bulk. I couldn’t stop myself from buying a kilo.

The trip of Dubai was very fascinating and educative at the same time. I would recommend that we should have more trips to other countries regularly.