Words of Wisdom: New Students Interact with ‘Super’ Seniors

Seniors interact with the new batch of students

On 6th June, new students from Batch 2014-2016 had an opportunity to attend “Words of Wisdom” a session with recent graduates from FIIB. This session was aimed to provide the new batch a practical and transparent perspective about life at FIIB. Held in Q & A format, recent graduates spoke from their real life experiences on the fundamental point of “What I wish I’d known… when I was in your shoes”.

The session began with Prof Monica introducing the panel of select recent graduates to the new batch of students, highlighting their achievements in both academic & placement process. Following it, the seniors talked about how new students could improve themselves by learning from their share of experiences.

Plavon Bora (Ameriprise)was the first to address the audience. He talked about his journey at FIIB where he was the co-head of Marketing Club, Class representative for his section and also a part of the FIIB Leadership Program (FLP) Cohort. He gave a lot of credit for his success to his faculty mentors and also to the fact that he had availed the opportunities FIIB had provided in every sphere. He then shared his life at Ameriprise where he has to work at night-shifts and how the academic rigor at FIIB facilitated his early adjustment at the workplace where work standards are pretty high. He also shared his experience of appearing at the interview for Ameriprise, which comprised 5 interview rounds, and after the 2ndround- the interviewers had stopped asking about PGDM subjects and took to only behavioral questions.

Shreesti Ghosh (Lloyd Ventures) addressed next with her experience at FIIB. She shared that she had done her engineering and was quite clueless about PGDM, but despite that, she was pretty keen on specializing in marketing. She said that because of her perseverance towards the subject she was able to do well and emerged the topper in that area. She had participated in every event, conclaves and seminars, had worked for NGOs, joined programs to further her skills and eventually got placed in a good organization. She also shared her experiences at her workplace at Lloyd Ventures, where she has to deal in Telecom sector research reports to the company’s international clients and is working with very tough targets.

Bhuwan Chopra (E & Y) started on a very light note, where he was very honest about his average undergraduate marks in Engineering, and how at FIIB he was motivated to do well. He too had very actively participated in all club activities and conclaves. He was especially thankful to the Business Communication sessions on GD which had forced him to research more about the economy and the world, all of which helped him to get into E&Y. He encouraged the new batch to work hard, but most importantly to enjoy studies, because these are the best two years of their lives.

While talking about her working experience at Crisil, Sugandha Arora was upfront about the fact that attitude matters the most in organizations. While she was a part of Finance Club, FLP and was the batch topper, it was the all-round personality development that benefitted her the most. She was also thankful to the GD training sessions at FIIB. The fact that she worked with different team members in her project work at FIIB helped her to become flexible and a team player, and that has been most beneficial to her at Crisil. She even mentioned that while they were apprehensive about taking 2 exams a day, it was probably that which has come to her rescue now at Crisil where she has to towards the end of every month work on four industry reports in 6 hours.

The discussion was then thrown open for the audience for Q&A. As the batch of 2012-2014 enters into a new phase of their academic life, these wonderful words of wisdom from their seniors are definitely going to act as guiding principles. The session was followed by a friendly lunch at the campus cafeteria.