Working From Home? A Challenge But A Lifelong Learning Experience Too!

My name is Akash Mathews, and I am the 2020 Content Marketing Sumtern (Summer Intern) at Thrive Global. During my time here, I’ve experienced lots of things in terms of planning, research, strategy, marketing and whatnot. But the  most unique experience of it all has been – ‘working from home’ that too as an Intern!

The whole experience of doing internships during a socially distant period has made me realize the difference between becoming career-ready rather than just job-ready. Here I am highlighting a couple of big learnings and challenges I’ve had during this scenario in my virtual internship experiences and hope that these pointers help you understand that gearing up for the #NewNormal Corporate World is essentially about future-proofing your skills.

#Challenge1 – Research as a skill is demanding!

When my corporate mentor Dr. Marcus Ranney, General Manager (India) – Thrive Global asked me to do a little research on how the COVID-19 impacted the individuals working in organisations, I was totally blank and had little clue on where to begin. 

#Learning1 – Scrolling on social media is a great way to research!

Miracles do happen when will is strong. While scrolling down my LinkedIn feed, I coincidentally landed on a blog (published by Forbes) where the author had addressed the digital transformation wave that ensued since the pandemic. The blog helped me understand how to present things with stats and facts. After that blog, I’ve gone through over 50+ blogs published on different platforms, various posts with insights on digital transformations amid COVID-19, and testimonial videos describing changes witnessed due to pandemic to gather the required data for my mentor’s observational hypothesis of the change that he witnessed first hand in India.

Today, I feel proud to mention Research as my top-most skills on my resume as well as on LinkedIn. Thanks to Dr. Ranney for this challenging push that led to a positive change within me. 

#Challenge2 – Virus-proofing skills and career!

Honestly, the pandemic has literally forced many individuals and students to be a part of the ‘I want to be future-ready’ rat race. Not to mention, being a graduating student, I also had the fear of not getting a good start to a successful career due to COVID-19. 

#Learning2 – Setting the right goal and aiming in the right direction is what makes you successful!

While many of my batchmates are hustling to collect as many certificates as they could, my hunch, on the other hand, is to gather meaningful experiences and apply them to make a sustainable business platform for myself. To sharpen my sales acumen, I’ve interned at Foxmula MEP (Microsoft Educational Partner) where my role was to capture the leads and convince potential customers to enroll into e-learning courses offered by Foxmula in collaboration with Microsoft.

Besides the internships, in the background I was also dedicatedly applying all the learnings & experiences into ContentDuniya, an open community for digital creators that are hustling to strengthen their portfolio online. 

On a closing note, I think attitude plays a big role in setting you up right for working from home. It’s up to you whether you see this as an unattainable challenge or an opportunity of a lifetime to evolve yourself and strive to achieve your true potential.