You Have To Pick – And That’s Not Always A Bad Thing.

Having entered her dream job straight out of college, and to an industry which was on the cusp of a boom, Sarah Jacob never had to switch jobs for either better opportunities, challenges, or a hike. At 23, she was anchoring a 10 Pm prime time show called Crime and the City and had no need to ever reboot or reinvent herself.

Sarah Jacob, Journalist, and Mommy who juggles spoke at TEDxFIIB 2019

In the years that followed, she got a scholarship to pursue another degree in journalism in Newyork while working with NDTV. As NDTV’s US Bureau Chief, she covered the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections, became one of India’s first journalists to visit Guantanamo, covered the Oscars, G-g20 summits and interviewed the likes of Salman Rushdie, Benazir Bhutto, Bill Gates, Preet Barara, Twitter Co-founder Evan Williams. She also managed to find the time to get into a serious relationship with a man she is now married to.

Sarah says that her timing in the US was perfect. She was at the centre of the biggest story of the decade. She was covering the US at a political turning point, as it elected it’s first African American President. Her beat was a journalist’s dream. Whether it was the Indo-US nuclear deal, the economic downturn, or the victory of slumdog millionaire at the Oscars, the trial of Rajat Gupta on insider trading charges, India was the center of every story and she was working around the clock. Every day was a new challenge, new excitement and she could have gone on forever. 

And then for the first time, disruption hit, on three major fronts on this charmed path that she was on. Over the last few years, for the first time in her life, she has had to struggle with the questions of how to reboot, re-live- personally and professionally. This was the first time she had to make hard choices and understand that you have to pick.

Watch her speak at TEDxFIIB while she takes you through her intriguing journey of hard-hitting yet peace-making realizations that helped her relook the way she lived her life.